Fellow CrossFitter & new parent Meg had a post on her blog recently detailing what’s in her refrigerator. I think it was one of those things where she was tagged by some people who had done it, so on and so forth, & Nik drew my attention to it, saying it was a great idea. I liked it, too, & thought what the hell, I’ll do it too. I found Meg’s post interesting because I’m nosy. You may find this one interesting. Or you might find this is the most boring thing ever. In which case, enjoy the rest of your day.

You’ll notice there’s not a lot of crap in here. I know we’re doing the Whole30 (at least Nik still is, & I’m loosey-goosey), but even so this is pretty much what our fridge looks like all the time. During non-Whole30 days, you’ll see milk, cheese, bacon, & butter in here. Otherwise, this is pretty typical.


Top shelves

Up top is where we keep our major proteins. That’s the meat shelf. Otherwise known as The Big Show. What we’ve got here is a Snapware container full of egg-and-sweet-potato muffins that Nik made. Very great. Next to that is a ceramic dish of sauteed beef tips that Nik just made Monday. Also great. Next to that is a 6-pound package of chicken thighs, defrosting. We’ll broil all of it tomorrow.1 Meat goes fast in our house. We usually make it in big batches (6 pounds is a small batch) & start thinking about defrosting more to make in a day or two.

Below that is where we keep the most often-accessed stuff. That fucking gigantic Snapware container has lettuce and salad greens in it. Some of that lettuce is stuff that Nik planted in our garden. Some is stuff we got from our CSA. We mix it all together.

You can’t quite see it, but behind it I’ve got a massive gallon-sized jug of water. I refill it with plain old tap water & chill it. We’ve also got a plastic shopping bag with CSA vegetables & greens that need to be dealt with. You get a grocery bag full of random stuff every week & it takes about 6 days to figure out what the hell to do with it. In front of that, we’ve got more Snapware containers2, one with half an avocado & the other with some peeled & chopped jicama.

If you look to the right you’ll see we’ve got our massive 7.5-dozen Costco egg container. We go through one of these every two weeks. In a usual day, Nik & I each eat three or more eggs. During the Whole30, I’ve been eating about seven a day, some for breakfast, some hardboiled in the afternoon. My bloodwork is perfect, thanks for asking. We make an egg yolk a day for Malley too, although she usually pushes it aside & eats Cheerios and blueberries instead.

Speaking of Malley-girl, in front of the eggs we have two small containers with Malley-food in them. There’s sauteed cauliflower in the yellow thing, ground turkey in the littler container.

Normally there’s bacon & cheese in the drawer underneath that. We’re out of bacon, & there’s zero tolerance for cheese in the Whole30.


The produce

Down here’s where we keep the vegetables. Oh hey — look! More Snapware! We have from freshly sauteed pattypan squash in the flat Snapware container on the left. There’s a metal bowl with roasted sugar snap peas in it. Behind that is an eggplant I just bought & am not sure how/when I’m going to cook yet. Half a watermelon, obviously. A two-pound bag of green beans that’s going to get roasted soon. Some blueberries tucked in the corner. The collection of Snapware on the right is my dinner I’ll bring to work: a salad, some cherries, half a pepper chopped up.

In the vegetable drawers, we have about 2.5 pounds of broccoli crowns, a big Costco container of portabello/portobello/portabella/puerto vallarta3 mushrooms, & then a slew of cucumbers, zucchinis, grapes, & red peppers all kind of crammed vacation-suitcase-style into the drawer on the right.


Odds & ends

Moving on to the door. The door’s where random shit goes. Notice there’s nothing in the “dairy” drawer. Usually there’s butter in there. Kerrygold, MFers. Not until the Whole30 is over for good on Aug. 7.

That mason jar contains bacon grease. I save it after I cook bacon & use it when cooking other stuff so it also has the delicious flavor of bacon. #recycling

Next to that is our fish oil and Vitamin D pills. I refrigerate them because last time I left them out in a heat wave they got very funky-smelling. We also have a Sodastream bottle that contains fizzy water, no flavoring, no additives. Just water and CO2. We both like fizzy water from time to time, so that thing gets refilled constantly. I also have a little bottle of Coffee-Mate creamer, mint flavored, which is likely the least-healthy thing in the fridge so far. I like creamer in my coffee. I think I’ll live.

Next to that is the condiments. Soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, pickled ginger, mustard, mayo, lime juice, vanilla extract. Except for the mustard, I can’t remember the last time I touched any of this stuff. Nik hasn’t, either. Don’t know why it’s there, really. You buy this stuff for, like, two tablespoons in one recipe & the rest goes in the fridge where it lives for years like a caveman frozen in a glacier.

Then there’s lemon juice and olives. Self-explanatory.


That’s dog food, Stanley and Myrna’s supper. Next to it is cream cheese, which is also for the dogs, long story. Below that is orange juice and our Brita water pitcher, making this the third location in the fridge where you’ll find fresh cold water.

The orange juice is about a month old since I haven’t touched it for the Whole30. Should probably throw that out4. There used to be beer down there that was about a year old, until I poured it down the sink.


Chicken, chicken, & more chicken

This is the freezer. It’s basically full of frozen bird meat. We’ve got about 22 pounds of chicken thighs in there5, several pounds of ground turkey, & a whole chicken. There’s also about 3 pounds of pork chops & a small package of ground beef. This is kind of unbalanced. We like to keep a mix of of fish, pork, beef, & chicken in there, but it’s rather poultry-inclined at the moment because chicken’s cheap. We’re looking to get a standalone freezer for the basement to store more meat so we have many more pounds of meat with a good variety at all times.

There’s also a bowl with frozen Malley-food in there, & some frozen veggies, most of which will be eaten by Malley.


And we’ve got more frozen vegetables in the freezer door. The frozen okra is mine. I eat the entire box in one meal. I mean, other people can eat it if they want, but I always get to it first. There’s also an ice-pack in there for sore muscles.


Bonus: Other food

You’ve probably been asking yourself: “Gee, only half an avocado? I thought you people were badass.” Listen, fartface. We keep them unrefrigerated until they ripen — only then do we stick them in the fridge. We currently have 10 (that’s TEN) avocados in the ripening process.  I think I’ve established my avocado credibility. On the same rack outside the fridge we keep sweet potatoes and onions, and on top of that is spices, vinegar, & coconut and olive oils. Fruit goes in a bowl elsewhere in the kitchen.

Another friend, Susan, once asked Nik recently what’s in our pantry. The answer: not much. We don’t keep many dry goods around, because we don’t use many. There’s a few tubs of whey protein, some canned beans we almost never use, a few cans of coconut milk we haven’t decided how to use yet, some canned fish and sardines, a 50-pound bag of rice, & spices. We get canned stuff as needed, don’t keep a lot in stock. Almost everything’s in the fridge.

We don’t keep your typical snack foods in stock, really. If we want chips or ice cream, we have to go hunt and gather it. That usually puts a stop to cravings. On the other end of the health spectrum, nothing’s “organic,” & none of the meat is grass-fed or free-range. I don’t make a lot of money. If you want me to have grass-fed meat, please buy it for me. I’ll give you the address where you can deliver it.

  1. Update: I broiled it with garlic, pepper, salt, and dill.
  2. This post isn’t brought to you by Snapware, but it should be, because I love Snapware. If anybody from Snapware wants to send me free Snapware I’d take it. That name again: Snapware.
  3. I don’t  remember how they’re spelling it these days.
  4. Update: I threw it out.
  5. Not an exaggeration. There are two 11-pound Costco packages.