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You can’t spell “news analysis” without “anal swine”: An interview with Stephen Colbert

Posted on May 19, 2006

In August 2005, before he seized the Bush Administration’s collective panties and gave them a breathtaking twist at the White House Correspondents Dinner on April 29, I interviewed Comedy Central’s professional pseudopundit Stephen Colbert. The article concerned the debut of The Colbert Report, a spin-off of The Daily Show that was at the time only a trailer and known semi-officially as The Colbert Réport, with a puckish accent-marked flavor the trailer refers to as “French—bitch.” We talked for about 10 minutes or so, much of which was spent by me giggling incomprehensibly while he chucked zingers in my direction. Afterward, I turned in a roughly hewn article to Student Advantage Magazine, slashed even further to fit onto one half-page in the October 2005 issue. I had borrowed someone else’s tape recorder, so…

A gift on a silver platter: An interview with Ralph Nader, October 2004

Posted on October 6, 2004

Today, from 3 to 4:30 p.m., at Brown University’s Salomon Auditorium in Providence, independent candidate for president Ralph Nader invites you to hear him speak and to listen to his campaign platform. Take note — pitchforks and torches will be confiscated at the door. I voted for Nader in 2000, and then I watched in horror as Bush flushed America’s economy down the toilet, squelched dissent and stuck our collective derriere in a messy war in Iraq. Now, I’m desperate for Democratic Sen. John Kerry to be elected — but like a lot of people on the left, I’m worried that Nader’s campaign might steal the precious few votes that might decide the election in Kerry’s favor, thus locking the country into another four…