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My Squat Every Day experience: Rarely asked questions

Posted on July 31, 2015

Hi. Been a while. The occasion being the finale of the Squat Every Day program that I followed for about two months. It was fun, thought I’d share. The curious flat-assed & pencil-legged among you may find the details of the Squat Every Day program by clicking this, but the essential idea is what it says on the box: you squat every day. Duh. Squat Every Day is sort of halfway between a training plan and a challenge. The program lasts for 30 days, though some people continue on with it (I did for a bit). I imagine it’s difficult for a regular person with a moderate to high level of responsibilities to sustain long-term, but remember difficult & impossible are 2 different things & there…

Testing week lows & highs & lows

Posted on January 13, 2015

This past week was supposed to see me testing 8 lifts to get a sense of where I’m at & where I want to go. Had it all plotted out in my notebook. Neatly. I tested 4ish. Then it turned into a deload week. What happened is no reason that’s important to you, I guess. Life things. This is why I almost always regret making fancy plans & writing in my notebook in ink — I’m capable & willing to handle the plans, but some outside influence always rolls through to derail things. And then my nice notebook has a bunch of irrelevant shit scribbled in it. In ink.  Fuck it, I only do this for exercise & fun. I’m not an athlete. On…

Sometimes people ask me how to get in shape, & this is what I tell them

Posted on December 31, 2014

This is New Year’s resolution time. You may know how I feel about waiting for the new year. But a lot of people use this time to reassess their habits & fix themselves, so good for them. I only know what works (so far) with me. But in the last couple of years, more than a handful of friends have asked me what I did to get into (mediocre) shape & what they should do to get in shape. I tell them some general rules that tend to work for most people, then suggest they find a good gym & learn from someone who knows, because I’m not qualified to be specific & I’m not really all that fit, so who am I to be anybody’s…