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Pact update: Democracy doesn’t work

Posted on May 23, 2014

Been a while since I first started using Pact, so I thought I’d provide an update, tell you how it’s going, & give some tips on how to use it.1 To date I’ve made about $68 by going to the gym, keeping a food log, & eating vegetables. Nik has made more than this, because she does a few more pacts than I do. That’s pretty nice. It’s almost paying our phone bill. Also it drives me fucking insane. The vegetables thing. The god-damned vegetables thing. I got that tingly burning sensation in my brain like there’s a major rant coming on, so bear with me. As I said before, when you use Pact, you vow to go to the gym a certain number of…

Mommy, what’s a vegetable?

Posted on February 2, 2014

*Puts on ranty pants* OK.  Nik & I have been trying out a fun iOS app called Pact. It’s been around for a while, but in case you’re not familiar with it, it’s basically just like gambling. Waheeeeey there! All righty, it’s probably legally iffy to say that. It’s not gambling. You simply make a deal to have healthier daily habits through one of three measurable ways, and if you keep it up for a week you earn a little bit of money. If you don’t stick with it, you owe them money. It’s basically just like betting. Wait. No, no. No. Anyway. You make a pact to go to the gym, say, 3 times this week, and if you miss a day you’ll…

Sam’s vs. Costco

Posted on January 14, 2014

Wrote a recipe book. Here it is, in its entirety: Chapter 1: Breakfast Eat eggs. Chapter 2: Lunch/Dinner Season meat & vegetables with salt/pepper/garlic. Put meat & vegetables in oven. Heat up until cooked. Eat them. Afterword Thanks for reading. We make food in bulk — like 12 pounds of chicken at a time — so we buy food in bulk. I was a Costco member for years. It’s 40 miles from my house, but when I joined it was on my way to & from my job, so it was convenient. I loved it. Eventually I got a different job, & Costco was just sitting there, 40 miles away, in a direction I have no reason to drive in. Still, I loved it, so…