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Sometimes people ask me how to get in shape, & this is what I tell them

Posted on December 31, 2014

This is New Year’s resolution time. You may know how I feel about waiting for the new year. But a lot of people use this time to reassess their habits & fix themselves, so good for them. I only know what works (so far) with me. But in the last couple of years, more than a handful of friends have asked me what I did to get into (mediocre) shape & what they should do to get in shape. I tell them some general rules that tend to work for most people, then suggest they find a good gym & learn from someone who knows, because I’m not qualified to be specific & I’m not really all that fit, so who am I to be anybody’s…

Keep calm & carry on

Posted on December 21, 2014

I once heard a lecture by a former coach who said there were 3 basic components to overall health: sleep nutrition exercise In that order. Basically because if you recover crappily, whatever you eat or do for exercise won’t matter. Makes a lot of sense. Picture this: you, relaxing for a while before you get to bed, with no screens, no music, no mental stimulation, in the dark, lots of silence & emptying your mind of thoughts, then drawing some blackout curtains so the room is pitch dark, closing the door, & sleeping like a block of granite for about 9 hours uninterrupted. Holy shit, doesn’t that sound like the fucking best? That sounds like the fucking best. I’m down with all of that.…

Pact update: Democracy doesn’t work

Posted on May 23, 2014

Been a while since I first started using Pact, so I thought I’d provide an update, tell you how it’s going, & give some tips on how to use it.1 To date I’ve made about $68 by going to the gym, keeping a food log, & eating vegetables. Nik has made more than this, because she does a few more pacts than I do. That’s pretty nice. It’s almost paying our phone bill. Also it drives me fucking insane. The vegetables thing. The god-damned vegetables thing. I got that tingly burning sensation in my brain like there’s a major rant coming on, so bear with me. As I said before, when you use Pact, you vow to go to the gym a certain number of…