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Testing week lows & highs & lows

Posted on January 13, 2015

This past week was supposed to see me testing 8 lifts to get a sense of where I’m at & where I want to go. Had it all plotted out in my notebook. Neatly. I tested 4ish. Then it turned into a deload week. What happened is no reason that’s important to you, I guess. Life things. This is why I almost always regret making fancy plans & writing in my notebook in ink — I’m capable & willing to handle the plans, but some outside influence always rolls through to derail things. And then my nice notebook has a bunch of irrelevant shit scribbled in it. In ink.  Fuck it, I only do this for exercise & fun. I’m not an athlete. On…

Happy anniversary

Posted on February 23, 2013

This week, I put back on all the weight I lost over the past year. All 52 pounds, and then some. I took a backpack and stuffed in three 10-pound metal barbell plates. I wrapped a heavy towel around them so they wouldn’t clink around. While Nik strapped Malley to her chest in her baby carrier, I hoisted the backpack around my shoulders with a grunt. Then I took Malley’s diaper bag, which has spare diapers, toys, bottles, changing and nursing stuff, blankets, and a slew of Nik’s gear, and carried that on a shoulder too. We walked a mile downtown to the public library at a decent pace, laden with stuff. Every so often the metal plates in the backpack rang together. I’d…

The first 40

Posted on September 30, 2012

When I first decided to count calories and take weight loss seriously, back on Feb. 23, I had an arbitrary target in mind: let’s see what happens by the time my daughter is born in September.  I had not been planning to stop counting calories then — I thought I’d use that milestone to take stock and re-evaluate how I’ve done.  It was good a time as any, it was far enough away to see decent results, and I was doing this partially for my girl anyway.  I figured all’s I needed was to keep it up, work hard, and remain diligent until late September. OK, so that happened. Check. Then the baby happened. Check. Let’s see where we are.   Weight I started…