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Hooray, I’m overweight

Posted on July 2, 2012

I hit a milestone recently: 185 pounds. After a little bit I dropped past it to 184, which is where I weighed in this morning. This may not seem significant, and may even seem pretty crappy to you. These are still significant numbers.  I know fit people who’d have a fucking stroke if they woke up and weighed 184 pounds.  But for me, according to the body mass index calculations, I’m now no longer “obese.”  I’m just “overweight.” Hooray, I’m overweight! For people unfamiliar with the concept, BMI is a general rule of thumb that uses your height and weight to calculate more or less how much body fat you’re carrying.  I’m going to go into the faults of BMI in a second, but in general: A figure…

Body by Ben & Jerry’s

Posted on June 11, 2012

This is going to get somewhat personal, so please don’t make fun of me at any point. It’s also going to get somewhat long, but I have to spit it all out.  I don’t write here much, so I’d like this to be a definitive post describing how I was overweight and how I started to try becoming fitter, and where I am at the moment in that process. I’ve been overweight all my adult life. Husky. Portly. Big. Obese, according to the BMI guidelines. A friend called me “jolly” once, “like Santa Claus.”  I’ve never been hugely fat — not, like, spherical.  Instead I’ve been chunkified all over, misshapen, ill-proportioned, big-boned, with a belly that sticks out in front and an ass that sticks out…