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What’s worth a rest?

Posted on December 13, 2014

This was a 1+ week of the 5/3/1 program for me, which I like because I like all the weeks in the program equally, in the same way that you love all your children equally, except for deload weeks, which I tend to hate, sort of like how there’s that one child you hate more than the others. The 1+, of course, means you lift the program’s prescribed weight at least once, ideally a couple more times. It might not be much more than that, though. Every time this week rolls around I think of a mercifully brief conversation I had on Twitter more than a year ago that still disappoints me to this day. (Identity obscured because even though I don’t really use…

Shit and tumors

Posted on December 6, 2014

I can see the Google search terms that bring people to this site, & literally every week I get at least one person who comes here googling some variation of “If I get diarrhea right after I eat do I count the calories?” [Sits quietly rubbing temples for several minutes.] OK. Listen. For the last time: I don’t fucking know because I’m not a scientist, but if you get diarrhea, don’t worry about counting calories. I’m not saying anything about the calories. I’m saying don’t worry about it, because your anus is barfing & that’s enough to worry about right now. Yes you’re trying to keep a record of precisely how many calories your digestive system absorbed before dinner rode the chocolate flume to…

Six months update

Posted on November 29, 2014

Been a while. I don’t write here often. Trying to change that. The last time I provided an update on what I’m up to gymwise it was May. Remember May? We were so cute back then. Since then I finished a 28-week training plan. Six months, baby. Four days a week. Epic journey, long strange trip, & so forth. I am as surprised as anyone that I managed to stick to a training program for half a year without shrugging it off or losing interest or suddenly looking over there & seeing a butterfly & going ooo that’s interesting let’s go chase it… Anyway. I thought I’d start providing some regular, short updates over the coming weeks & purge some thoughts that are taking…