I’m not sure when I became a jock, but here is a video of me lifting weights.

I’m not a jock really. I don’t watch sports.  I can’t discuss sports with other guys at all because I’m out of my element.  I was a major nerd growing up. There are many different breeds of nerds out there, but my kind of nerd was/is solitary, nonphysical, into video games, classic cartoons, movies, and literary fiction. I like going to museums and bookstores.  In middle school I used to purposely leave my gym clothes at home so I could sit in the bleachers writing “I will not forget my gym clothes at home” 100 times on a sheet of paper while the other boys exercised, because I thought my thing was more interesting. Anyway, now here’s me, lifting weights.

This isn’t me saying my form is awesome or insinuating that I’m any good at this. It’s not and I’m not.  This is lousy and the weights are not impressive at all.  I made this because I’ve read in more than one weightlifting blog (yep I read weightlifting blogs) that you should occasionally videotape yourself to check your form. That’s what I did, and I posted it so I can be publicly shamed for not squatting low enough and held accountable and work at this a lot more to improve.  What I see here is crappiness galore:

  • my squats need to be deeper
  • my wrists are kind of wrong
  • my cleans are not powerful or fast enough
  • I should drop into a bit more of a squat when I catch the bar in a power clean
  • my elbows don’t rotate fast enough out when I clean
  • I should jump first, then punch upward with the jerk
  • instead of stepping forward to recover from the jerk, I should make my feet meet in the middle
  • other general shittiness

I’ll get better, promise.

Also, here’s me doing a Turkish get-up with a frozen turkey.*